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As we proceed forward in the 21st Century, Mega ATM & Card Service, Inc is committed to maintaining and adhering to the highest standards in this industry. Our goal is to provide you with reliable cutting edge products that will help you increase your business day to day profits. You can benefit from our experience and try to avoid some of the pitfalls that plague some business. Below are the list of merchants services that you can choose for your business needs:

  • ATMs
  • Debit/Credit Card Stand-alone Terminals with IP
  • Credit Cards over the Internet
  • Pre-Paid Visa/Master Card
  • Gift Cards
  • Check Guarantee Service

debit/credit card terminals

There are many manufacturers of stand alone credit card terminals. Verifone, Hypercom, Pax. These are among some of the most common brands. The features in each terminal vary from the speed of the transaction, memory of the terminal, capacity for multiple applications and much more.

Credit Card terminals are fairly inexpensive. Due to the expense, it's not recommended to go wireless unless you really need the remote access. Watch out for deals that are, "Too Good To Be True" Some existing business may qualify to receive a free terminal based on their monthly volume of debit/ credit card transactions.

Mega ATM & Card Service, Inc also offers gift cards from one of the leading providers of Electronic Gift Cards. Gift Cards can be semi or completely customized for your business to bring immense value and branding.








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